You can use “MOSHI MOSHI House” as a rental villa to experience country life in Japan.

“MOSHI MOSHI House” is one of the oldest houses in Kamijo Village. The Yamanashi ienami preservation associtaion NPO gives you a variety of country life experiences, such as making traditional Yamanashi “HOTO” noodles from flour and water under the guidance of locals. You may use “MOSHI MOSHI House” either for day trips or as accommodation.

If the weather is good, you also have the chance to see Mt. Fuji from a nearby mountain pass or by trekking to Mt. Daibosatsu which is considered one of the best viewing points for Mt. Fuji.


The reason that is called “MOSHI MOSHI House”

It has been called “MOSHI MOSHI (Hello Hello) House” by the local inhabitants as it was the only place in the village where a telephone has been installed at one time.

Hello Hello!